Michaels Arts and Crafts – 2000 24616 SF.

Services provided by Pierson Company:

  • Concept
  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Leasing
  • Management


Project description:
Pierson Company redeveloped a portion of an aging shopping center containing an attractive but non-marketable atrium facility. After many unsuccessful years attempting to lease the garden atrium to restaurants and retail tenants, the owner agreed to a major reconstruction project.

Pierson Company was successful in securing a lease with Michael's Arts and Crafts and began the process of designing a new facility to accommodate the tenant's detailed prototype plans within the properties constraints.

The existing atrium structure was disassembled and recycled into other projects while many of the finishes, plants and contents were sold at auction to buyers who removed them at no cost to the owner.This process, when properly managed, allows for better utilization of the former facilities and can save a great deal in demolition fees.


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